Friday, June 19, 2015

Update for my little losers

Hey losers! I know it's been such a long time since you've had the pleasure of seeing new video updates from Me on my clips stores. Awwww....poor losers. Anyhoo…it might be tough for you to believe, but I have much better things to do than fill all of you in with the details of my wonderful life. But since I’ve had so many of you begging (literally begging me. too funny!) me for details...

I've been having the most wonderful date nights with My Man and My Girls. We've been going out to fantastic restaurants almost every other day. Don't you boys like knowing that I'm spending your money on $300 dinners with My Man and My Friends? I hit a strip club with my hot girlfriends. you should see how I get treated at these places. Like a Queen, fittingly. And both nights ended in bed with my sexy Man. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on that wall...let's just say your Goddess got fucked senseless. Something you will NEVER get the chance to do! So don't even start thinking like that.  

Anyway the weekends have been perfect. Just as My life should be, right? With lots of traveling, shopping, and relaxing. I bet you would love to hand your cash over for those bills.
 But you can still pay for My lifestyle. Wouldn't that be awesome for you! Paying Me to just live the life of a beautiful dominating Goddess. And all the while I’m out enjoying myself, you losers are sending me tributes and gifts, and begging for My attention. And I know you visit my site everyday just to see if I have any updates for you.
Oh, in addition to a mountain of gifts from my loyal slaves, I got a new camcorder from one of my little peons. It’s a beautiful HD camera, so you fags can see me in all of My glory! Even though you don’t deserve it.

I'll have new clips up from the new camera this week, so run along little puppies. Use that free hand to click over to My clip store and buy buy buy! Then go to My wishlist and buy buy buy! Then email me and tell me what a pathetic loser you are.

And don't worry losers, I'm going to start updating this more you'll have a purpose to your miserable life!


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