Friday, June 5, 2015

New Presents and An Update From Me

Hi I know you guys have been missing me and I haven't been posting much lately. There's been lots of life changes,family drama, my crazy busy life in general.

So what's new, I've planned a big birthday celebration trip for me and my fucking fabulous friends to go to Vegas! The 4 of us are going to look on point as usual! I have a penthouse picked out, lots of shows and expensive dinners. Night clubs, and maybe even a few strip clubs. I can't wait to do some extensive retail therapy and spa time. You know all of the things I can't do in my boring little town. I love it here but damn, every time something fun opens up the fun police comes and shuts it down!

Since I have my Vegas week planed out the next thing on my list is sexy NEW outfits! I'm thinking I'll need anywhere from 8 to 12 outfits for my little 4 day vacation. I can never wear the same thing twice! Anyway, I can't wait. and I want you boys to pay for it. I'm running a $10k bill already and haven't even left yet haha. Tribute down below...

It's a $100 tribute to my Vegas fund. I have high expectations when I travel and expect only the best. I guess if you want to tribute a smaller amount (or more) you can use the "Tribute Me" box to the upper right.

Don't forget to buy from my wishlist for things I may want for my vacation. Lingerie, for me to share with some lucky boy or girl in my penthouse suit, outfits. dresses, shoes, jewelry, makeup.The usual. I'll keep it updates.

**Remember I always spoil back for those smart boys who purchase off my list with a custom containing the items you bought!

Now back to me. I have some new goodies that i got from one of my favorite pets. He knows I love dress and picked up a few from my wishlist. Perhaps I'll wear them this weekend when I go out, and maybe I'll even share some pictures with all you pervs!

Until next time.


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