Friday, February 6, 2015


Guess what, I've started selling panties and various clothing items! How exciting right! I know!!!
Well I have a few that are listed. I will eventually have different options to choose from. but for now I have these... I also have 10 minute video, 15 photos, and live cam options for an additional $10 each and $2/min minimum 5 minutes for live cam!

Message me for Payment Options.

Panty 001: These are Available for $61 including shipping (US Only Please). Panties I've had since high school I think I was 16 or 17 when I got them. They are a size small. I wear a medium/large now, so they surely hug in all the right places. Includes 24 hour wear, masturbation in panties, and a 1 month membership to my website (offer available for first time purchasers only)

Panty 002: Valentines Lingerie Special I have 14 of these available until February 20th. The price is $75 including shipping (US Only Please) Items will be packaged separately the top spritzed with my favorite sweet scent. The panties scent with my own personal sweet treat. A Pussy Pop, and a 10 minute masturbation video! 

Period Panty 02: These are going to be limited as obviously only 12 are available per year! The average wear will be between 5-9 continuous days. One lucky person will walk away with these on an auction basis. I sleep in pads, wear tampons during the day (I am very active, leaks do happen), and occasionally free ball it!
Highest bid wins... unless a buy it now grabs it first! email me your bids to or comment them below. Auction ends February 14th.
Starting price is $25
But It Now Price is $245